Bromite Privacy Statement

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Bromite Browser Privacy Policy

Last Updated January 20, 2018

This privacy policy describes the information practices of Bromite browser made available by the Developers which develop its patches as an open source project.


Bromite is not in the business of selling personal information. The Developers believe the best way to ensure your private personal information is protected is to make every effort to ensure your private personal information does not leave your device(s) in the first place.

Collection & Use

Developers are committed to ensuring that Bromite users’ private personal data remains private. As such, no user-identifiable data, browsing history, or IP addresses are collected.

Notification of Privacy Policy Changes

Whenever the Developers make a material change to the information collected through Bromite or how it is being used the Developers will update the policy posted here. When this policy changes it will be announced — or you can check back here after each update. Developers hope you will find any changes agreeable, but if you are not comfortable with the information that is being collected or how it is being used, the Developers understand your choice to stop using Bromite.


You can contact the Developers about this privacy statement by visiting the official Bromite repository.