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Submissions for new logo

Bromite is Chromium + ad blocking; take back your browser!

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Submissions for new logo

Bromite needs a new logo. The current logo is a derivation of Chromium logo and it makes sense since Bromite is 99% Chromium, but for the sake of the project it is better to have an original one.

This post will be updated with further information and precisations.

Update 28 September 22:30: submission window is now closed

How to submit your logo design

You can prepare a low resolution PNG (even watermarked) and submit it second these venues:

Submissions will not be shared nor posted anywhere before or after the submission window ends, except obviously if it is picked as the official logo of Bromite.

Logo should obviously not look like Chromium logo, nor some other browser logo. A minimal design and the current color would be great to have, but are not mandatory inclusion/exclusion factors for your submission.

For example the logo - in its most basic design - could be a greenish world with a test tube overlayed.

You can probably also play with the idea of chemicals, since real-world bromite is the salt of an acid. You can find more information about these salts here.

This information is mentioned mostly as a curiosity, since it is the most directly related to the name, but the design can completely ignore it; it is not considered an advantage in any way for the logo design (and it would be quite difficult to use regardless).

Android icons should be adaptive:

And - as a bonus - you could consider Material Design guidelines since it is the suggested style for Android anways:

Is there a monetary compensation for this work?

Yes, a donation of 100$ which can be transferred via PayPal.

This open source project has little budget (made up of donations) and there is an allocated donation of 100$ for the creator of the picked logo. The logo author and referral link will also be mentioned on the project README on GitHub.

The competition nature and the small amount of the donation are not intended to be offensive for the work of designers, but just as a symbolic incentive; the work that goes into designing a logo should be compensated much better and thus submissions for Bromite new logo are a donation themselves.

How will the final deliverable look like?

The final deliverable should be in a vectorial editable file format, since it needs to be converted to SVG format, and it should be of good quality. The Chromium logo is an example of a good SVG.

The license of the submitted work should be Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).

Is there a deadline for submissions?

No more submissions will be accepted after 5 October 23:59 UTC 28 September 23:59 UTC. If no logo has been picked yet, this might be extended, but it is unlikely.

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