Bromite DNS-over-HTTPS

Information about the DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) feature of Bromite

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Since release 67.0.3396.88 it is possible to enable DNS-over-HTTPS.

This feature is disabled by default.

Enable DoH from Settings -> Privacy -> Secure DNS and then enter one or more space-separated DoH template URLs.

If the URL contains {dns} then GET requests will be issued (otherwise the default are POST requests).

List of some public resolvers (in no specific order and with no endorsement):

  • AdGuard:
  • Quad9:
  • Google:
  • Cloudflare:

See also: extensive list maintained by the DNS Privacy Project.


You can verify your current active DNS resolver with:


Please donate to support development of Bromite and the costs for the build system and the F-Droid repository.

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The User-Agent, Accept-Language and brotli compression are not advertised via HTTP headers to avoid user information leak.


  • DNS-over-HTTPS does not work when using a custom proxy configuration
  • DNS-over-HTTPS will automatically fallback to regular DNS queries in case of failures; this is disabled starting from version 73.0.3683.79


  • the feature was available as a flag until version 78.0.3904.114