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Bromite Custom Ad Block filters

Support for custom subresource filters in Bromite

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Ad block filters

Since release 78.0.3904.130 it is possible to use custom ad block filters.

Change the default filters URL from Settings -> AdBlock settings and specify a valid URL for the filters file.

The default URL is:

How to create a custom filters file

See Chromium documentation.

You will need to use the ruleset_converter command-line tool as in:

ruleset_converter --input_format=filter-list \
		--output_format=unindexed-ruleset \
                --input_files=easyprivacy.txt,easylist.txt \

A pre-built ruleset_converter binary for Linux/amd64 is available with each Bromite Release.


The webserver serving the file must provide a consistent Last-Modified header.

Automatic filters updates

The filters URL will be automatically checked 5 seconds after the browser is started and then once per week.


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BTC donations address: bc1qlx7h0lj9z88g2xfeuwsrtfs77sxuhrxf2t28sw

ETH donations address: 0x5d392F8FBf3465afe05B1Adc575e248D33B891F6


You will need to close and re-open Bromite in order for the new URL to be in effect.